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Photos of our Logan family and friends.  Thank you to all my newly found relatives for providing so many treasured family photos.

  John F. Logan (wife Susie died age 56 in 1927) I'm not sure who the woman is sitting in the chair. 

  John F. Logan

Merla Logan MacDougall



  Ken, Morley & Roy Logan Ken Logan Morley Logan


Gladys Marguerite Logan Gladys & Morley

Left: Lewis Forsythe Right: Kenneth Logan at Key Harbour Camp

Ken Logan may be Ken Logan  Vet Bunky Ken

Ken's (Bunky) cat, Smokey 

   Gladys Logan
                                                                                                                                 Susie Morgan

Susie Gladys Morgan (Glady's mother) Logan


Morley Logan  Merla, Morley, Bunky, & Laura's Nana

                                                                                                                  Morley,Bunky, Melanie

Bunky, Marilyn, Logan

Morley and Muriel (Merla's parents and Laura's grandparents)



Susie Logan (nee Morgan daughter of Richard Llewelyn Morgan/Susan Taylor.  Born 9th November 1871, Hamilton, ON.  Died July 28, 1927 at age of 56 at Wellesley Hospital, Toronto (appendicitis).  Married John Francis Logan 28th December 1898 in St. Catharines, ON.



Autographed inscriptions to daughter Jane (Jennie) Logan written by Matthew Logan and Eliza Logan (Coughlin)

Birthname:  Lynda Sue Forsythe  Adoptive Name:  Linda Susan Atkins

My Grandmother, Gladys M. Logan married Lewis Sayers Forsythe.  They had two children - Lewis Logan Forsythe and Marilyn Sue Forsythe.  I was Marilyn's only child born May 3rd 1952. 


Lynda Sue Forsythe Old Orchard Beach '71

Husband Bill Adair '83 Me with Carol Patrick Brennan "The Ex"

  1955 1959 1955  1959 Big Fluffy




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