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Wednesday, February 16, 1921

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The Toronto World - Tuesday Morning February 17, 1921

  A very enjoyable and picturesque dance was held Tuesday night at the Aura Lee club rooms under the patronage of Capt. and Mrs. McLeod and Mrs. John Logan, the latter in white satin with black net overdress.  The committee in charge were Miss Marguerite Martin in peacock blue taffeta and corsage of roses, Miss Gladys Logan in turquoise blue velvet and pink fan.  Mr. Alister P. Haig and Mr. Alvin Campbell, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Delbert Grey received the guests.

Notes:  Mrs. John Logan (Susie Gladys Morgan d/o Richard Llewellyn Morgan & Susan Taylor
            Miss Gladys Logan b. Oct. 24, 1900 d/o John F. Logan & Susie Gladys (Morgan) Logan.  



February 17, 1921 THE TORONTO STAR

April 17, 1939 Toronto

Tues. May 21, 1940 The Toronto Star


Logan Family Tree

* Reference is to Constable Matthew Logan, later 1875 Police Chief of Hamilton and 1876 Deputy Warden Toronto Central Prison.

Thursday, November 19, 1868 - The Hamilton Evening Times

  A case that did not require the coroner. - Yesterday afternoon a gentleman on the way up to Dundas by the G. W. Railway, caught a momentary glimpse of a body laying on the shore of the bay, near the Desjardine Canal, and on reaching the Dundas station he sent information of the circumstance back to Hamilton by telegraph.  Constable Logan was assigned the sad duty of taking charge of the remains, and through the kindness of the station master, a car was attached to the pony engine and sent up to the scene, to convey the body down to the city.  On reaching the spot it was found that the body was that of an aged white horse, which had come to its death by some means not material to discover, and it was decided to let it remain where the tide had left it.  The anxiety of the gentleman at Dundas was relieved by an early dispatch.  

Friday, November 27, 1868 - The Hamilton Evening Times

  IMPORTANT ARREST. - Information was given to the Chief of Police yesterday that the parties who are suspected of having run the Grand Trunk train off the track at Cainsville on Monday night, and by which the engine-driver was killed, had been tracked as far as Lynden.  Detective Rousseaux and Constable Logan were desired to keep a look-out for them, and these officers were engaged all last night and today in hunting up their prey.  This afternoon, while making a reconnaissance in the eastern part of the city, they got scent of their men, and soon succeeded in making a capture.  The prisoners prove to be two notorious scoundrels, who are familiar with the walls of the Hamilton jail, and who pass by the soubriquet of Garsey, but whose proper names are Pike.  They will be forwarded to Brantford for examination. 


Saturday, August 4, 1866 
 The Hamilton Evening Times 

Wednesday, December 19, 1866 
 The Hamilton Evening Times 


Saturday, November 14, 1868
 The Hamilton Evening TSaturday, November 14, 1868 
 The Hamilton Evening Times 

Thursday, November 19, 1868 
 The Hamilton Evening Times 

Friday, November 27, 1868 
 The Hamilton Evening Times 

Friday, June 30, 1865 
 The Hamilton Evening Times 

Wednesday, August 30, 1865 
 The Hamilton Evening Times