Enlisted Members of Aura Lee Club
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William B. Forsythe & Lewis Sayers Forsythe


Some Enlisted Members of Aura Lee Club

Supplement to Eighth News Letter, dated June, 1918, to over 200 enlisted members of Aura Lee Club, Toronto; sent also to over 500 of their friends at the front.  The figures, '06, etc., after the names, indicate the year in which the member joined the Club.

1917 - 18 Toronto Aura Lee  - League:  OHA-Jr.

Champions and Challengers - Year 1925 - Champions, Regina Patricias - Runner Up, Toronto Aura Lee

(Ontario Hockey Association) Ontario Hockey League


Flight Lieut. Lyman Gooderham, 5 Son of Edward G. Gooderham, 40 Madison Ave. , Toronto

Flight Lieut. Harry Watson, 16 Son of W.W. Watson, 67 Madison Ave. , Toronto

Gordon R. Applegath, M.C., 14 Son of F.C. Applegath, 588 Avenue Road, Toronto

  Brock L. Batten, 1913 Son of A.C. Batten, 366 Indian Road , Toronto

  Dr. E. Stanley Ryerson, 05 14 De Lisle Avenue , Toronto

  Flight Lieut. Maurice Helliwell, 14 Son of Grant Helliwell, Burton Road , Toronto

  Lieut. Francis H. Howard, 12 Son of Lewis A. Howard, 131 Madison Avenue , Toronto .  Killed in action, 1916.

  Edward Booth, 16 Son of George W. Booth, 126 Warren Road , Toronto .  Killed in aeroplane accident in England , 1918.

  Major Miles Langstaff

  Flt.-Lt. George R.S. Fleming

  Corp. Gordon G. Galloway

  Lt. Charles Hewson

  Signaller Wm. B. Forsythe, 15 Son of William Silas Forsythe, 4 Hooper Ave. , Toronto Island

  Gunner Lewis Sayers Forsythe, 15 Son of W. Sayers Forsythe, 4 Hooper Avenue , Toronto Island

  Flight Lieut. Arnold Massey, 15 Son of Arthur L. Massey, Lonsdale Apts., Toronto

  Cardwell L. Walker, 15 Son of W. Alexander Walker, 121 Cottingham St. , Toronto

  Lt. Reginald Case, 06 Son of Mrs. N.W. Case, 67 Tranby Ave. , Toronto

  Corp. Fred Case, 06 Son of Mrs. N.W. Case, 67 Tranby Ave. , Toronto

  J. Russell Somers, 10 38th Battery, son of Jas. W. Somers, City Hall, Toronto

  Flight Lieut. John Farley, 16 Son of W. Geo. Farley, City Hall, Toronto

  Lieut. C. Beresford Topp, M.C., 14 Son of Mrs. M.E. Topp, 147 Balmoral Avenue , Toronto

  Lieut. Clarence C. Kilner, 15 With Wood, Gundy & Co., Toronto

  Flight Lieut. J. Erie Boyd, 14 Son of J. Tower Boyd, 121 Bedford Road , Toronto

  Major Victor W. Dyas, 02 Son of W.J. Dyas, Toronto

  Ernie Collett, 14 Son of Mrs. Chas. Elliott, 16 Hazelton Ave. , Toronto

  Victor Diver, 14 Son of Fred Diver, 325 Jarvis St. , Toronto

  Flight Lieut. Hugh (Mac) Polson, 03 Son of Hugh Polson, Can. Bank of Commerce, Toronto

  C.W. Calvert, 14 Son of C.E. Calvert, 34 Huntley St. , Toronto

  Bertram Nevitt, 12 Son of Dr. R.B. Nevitt, 46 Bloor St. West , Toronto .  Killed in action.

  Lt. Wm. Little, 14 Son of W.H. Little, 62 Tranby Avenue , Toronto

  Lieut H.N. Klotz Son of E.W. Klotz, 40 Sussex Ave. , Toronto .  Killed at Langemarck, April 28, 1915

  Lieut. John R. Pipon, 09 Son of Mrs. J.H. Pipon, 535 Brunswick Ave. , Toronto

  Lieut Edward R. Pipon, 10 Son of Mrs. J.H. Pipon, 535 Brunswick Ave. , Toronto




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